Website Automation

Enhance Efficiency

Automating website and e-commerce processes can significantly enhance efficiency and customer experience for any business. Automations like emailing customers with order information and tracking details, processing orders with vendors, adding chatbots that can handle common queries can improve the efficiency and in turn reduce the workload of staff. 


Integrations with shipping providers can also help a great deal in delivery collection and order fulfilment. Our team also has the expertise to help you track your business performance. See more in Business Intelligence 


Based on the time of commitment we offer the following packages


  One Off Request Project Based  Long Term Maintenance Support 
Change Requests  1 3 N/A
Average Engagement Time  1 to 5 Days  3 to 6 months  More than 6 months 
Pricing Type  Hour Based Fixed Cost  Monthly Recurring 
Additional Support and Maintenance  None 1 month  N/A 


Do you need help deciding which way to go? We will be more than happy to offer a consultation with any tech advice, security checks and content updates starting at an hourly cost of £48/hour