Data Integration Platforms

Unified view of business processes

Are you struggling to get all your process monitored through a single system? We can help you cover it. Most business tools run well and help you optimize the process. While they run independently, it can be easy to lose track of overall progress.


We at Steel Studios, can build an integrated platform, for example, to help you track inventory while keeping customer satisfaction intact.


We have the expertise to integrate from various data sources like APIs, Databases, Documents and even Cloud IoT systems. 


Based on the time of commitment we offer the following packages  


  Project Based  Long Term Maintenance Support 
Change Requests  3 N/A
Average Engagement Time  3 months to 6 months  More than 6 months 
Pricing Type  Fixed Cost  Monthly Recurring 
Additional Support and Maintenance  1 month   N/A 


Do you need help deciding which way to go? We will be more than happy to offer a consultation with any tech advice, security checks and content updates starting at an hourly cost of £48/hour