Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Let your business be Data Driven

We are on the cusp of machine intelligence matching the levels of human intelligence. With the help of the data you collect, we help you by developing bespoke solutions that lets you make well informed decisions.


Based on the size and severity of the decisions, we can even build AI powered solutions that can support your decisions and help your business grow in the desired direction, with confidence. Our team has the expertise to integrate your data sources to help you further in data analysis and processing. See more in Data Integration Platforms


  Project Based
Change Requests 5
Average Engagement Time  1 to 6 Months
Pricing Type  Fixed Cost
Additional Support and Maintenance  1 Month


Do you need help deciding which way to go? We will be more than happy to offer a consultation with any tech advice, security checks and content updates starting at an hourly cost of £48/hour