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Logo Design

Give your brand a face with a memorisable and identifiable logo. Done right, it’s exactly that – something memorable. 

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Let us help you build your brand from the ground up to make sure your business is sending the right message to customers.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing strengthens communication between new and existing customers. This gives you a greater chance of generating new business. 

Branding and Creative Design that makes your business stand out from the crowd

Steel Studios offer a full range of Branding and Creative Design services. Whether you need a new logo, a complete branding redesign or something designed for print, Steel Studios has got you covered. You are in good hands with our expert creative team.

Why is Branding and Creative design important?

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Professional branding shows that you're an established, confident and trustworthy company. The perceived added value of having a company branding often makes the difference between a sale and a hard pass. You have to dress for the part.

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Having a strong visual brand creates a sense of unity and cohesiveness. By keeping a consistent brand across all platforms customers can instantly and easily recognise your brand.

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By repeatedly presenting your customers with a consistent visual brand you build up brand recognition for your company. This means that across all your platforms and services, it is easy to identify your underlying values.

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By differentiating your brand from your competitors and making your company stand out your business is much more likely to be recognised. This means that when a potential customer thinks of your industry, they think of your company.

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Customer Loyalty

An effective brand identity can help build customer loyalty and trust, since it allows customers to make a connection between a product and a company.

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Quality visual branding shows that you take pride in your business. Customers will recognise the passion and investment you make in your own business's success and know you will deliver the same passion when it comes to their needs.