Business Intelligence

Track your performance real-time

As the complexity of business processes grow, it is ideal to visualise the key performance indicators to help you track progress. We help you by building interactive dashboards and intuitive visualisations that can help you get better insights.


We also help you by reporting the key metrics along with their trends to help you spot any issues that may arise. Our team has the expertise to highlight these potential issues with the help of predictive maintenance algorithms. See more in Data Analytics & Machine Learning 


Based on the time of commitment we offer the following packages


  One Off Request Project Based  Long Term Maintenance Support 
Change Requests  1 3 N/A
Average Engagement Time  1 to 5 Days  3 to 6 months  More than 6 months 
Pricing Type  Hour Based Fixed Cost  Monthly Recurring 
Additional Support and Maintenance  None 1 month  N/A 


Do you need help deciding which way to go? We will be more than happy to offer a consultation with any tech advice, security checks and content updates starting at an hourly cost of £48/hour