Get Your Business Online Now to Help Get Through Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all businesses around the world, particularly small independents. During this time, when your physical doors have to be closed due to the country-wide lockdown, having a website can be a vital tool to help your business carry on.

Websites are important for a multitude of reasons. According to Google, 94% of people in the UK search online when trying to find local businesses. Now more than ever, if you're not online, you will be losing out on potential business. It's never too late to get started.

5 Reasons you need a website NOW

1. Customers will find you easily

With almost all businesses physically closed during the lockdown, everyone will be looking for businesses who are still operating online. People searching on Google will simply not find you if you don’t have a website.

2. Your competitors are online

Most retailers have a website. When clients are scanning for products and services, they are pulled into the businesses that offer the products they want. If your business is not online, potential customers will find your competitors first.

3. A website makes your business more trustworthy

Utilising a professional website and email address expands the range of your business and upgrades your image and credibility.

4. Ensure you're open 24/7

Clients hope to peruse and enquire about things whenever, wherever, all day, every day. This is the new standard, and is especially true now most people are stuck at home with less to do. Making your business continually accessible with an online presence is a simple method to help your business through this trying time.

5. Communicate with your customers

A website and social presence can help you to communicate with your clients and energise deals, and you’ll also have the option to share and showcase the extraordinary things your clients are saying about your business!


Fortunately getting online could not be easier.

Take the stress out of creating a website by getting in touch today. We can assist with everything, from setting up and hosting a domain to creating a fully bespoke website. We can create anything from a small skeleton site to something more complex such as an e-commerce site which you can use to sell your products online. We are open and working remotely, offering appointments over the phone or Skype.


Call us now on 0114 350 4888 or email to discuss your ideas.